Building Your Adsense Account With A Blog

Step 1 :  Why a blog?

For those who still hesitate to create a blog, I found 20 reasons to go!

It starts from the beginning to ask the right questions:

For what purpose you want to create a blog?

How you are going to get your adsense account approved?

Or you are going to buy adsense account from sites like fiverr?

Is it just to share with those around you?

With people who have similar interests?

How will you get the traffic?

To come forward and show your expertise in a field?

To make money with a blog?

If you do not wish to monetize your blog, why try all these?

So are you going to live for blogging or blogging for a living?

  • Step 2 :  Niche For Your blog?

In general, we do not think about the niche after deciding to make a blog, but rather because we want to talk about something, we think of just blogging. But according to the goals that we have on the blog, it will be interesting and it is a must to know whether the subject which will be discussed will interest an audience.

  • Step 3 :  Select the name of his blog .
  • Step 4  : Think about the name or a brand that you want to create.


Whether to use his real name or a nickname? Whether you choose one or the other, the impact will not be the same. I tell you why I am writing with a pen name in my next article.

  • Step 5  : Create a blog.

Depending on the goals for your blog, you can either begin to  create a free blog or to  create a professional blog.  If you start with the free blog, you always can import your blog later to The advantage of WordPress is that you can customize your blog with 100% extensions .

  • Step 6  :  Register a domain name .

You can register a domain from websites like godaddy for your adsense blog very easily.

  • Step 7  :  Take care of the design of your website website because it is very important in choosing the right theme. Consider also customize the header of your blog.
  • Step 8  : If you’re on WordPress, install extensions to customize it 100%.
  • Step 9  : Add buttons sharing social networks .
  • Step 10 : Create all the essential pages in a blog: privacy policy page, a contact page , a site map, legal notices and more. When you blog, there are  legal rules to respect, do you know?
  • Step 11 :  Add a favicon , it is the small icon that is found in the tabbed browsers and enable your visitors to identify you in a wink.
  • Step 12 : Check your blog loading time and optimize it accordingly.
  • Step 13 :  Display your photo on the comments  you leave, be it on your blog or when reviewing the others.
  • Step 14: Finally add the adsense code from the adsense account that you have bought.

Now all it requires is the targeted traffic to make money from adsense.