How To Choose the Best Life Insurance

Concern about your family’s financial security will always be at the center of your life until you can achieve stability . This is because there are events that no one can predict and most of the time you are not financially prepared to face them. It is in these moments that a certain question can haunt you: why did not I take out life insurance before?

Although it is still a culture of consolidation in Brazil, taking care and acquiring life insurance guarantees not only the safety of all the projects on which you base your future, but also the financial protection of your family.

If you already have dependents, you care about their financial protection and comfort, right? And if you are young and have no children, you want security in the same way, since the coverage of life insurance, of course, also extends to you!

To help you when choosing your best life insurance, today’s post brings 5 ​​practical steps:

Choose your type of whole life insurance policy calculator

Before you look for an insurer, you need to define what type of insurance you want to get, ie what you need it to cover.

An whole life insurance policy calculator can meet you in various types of situation, such as:

You have suffered an accident that has taken you away from work for a while and depends on your salary to pay the bills, a coverage with a Temporary Disability Cover (DIT) offers an amount equivalent to your salary calculated according to the rates you Stayed away, until the contracted limit.

You had to stay in the hospital – a daily hospital stay insurance covers the days of hospitalization.

You have been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, stroke, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease, you will receive the amount you were hired to start your treatment, or employ it according to your needs;

You married or chose someone to live by your side, you do not need to hire two insurance. There is an extension of coverage for the spouse, for death and accident, with a much better cost benefit than two individual insurance. Thus, your dependents will be financially protected;

You had an accident or illness that made you invalid and unable to work, with a life insurance aimed at this you can receive a monthly sum or compensation at one time only according to what you choose at the time of hiring;

We do not like to think about death, but the time that happens to a loved one, the last thing we need is to resolve the bureaucracy. A funeral service is useful for this moment. The service is performed by experienced professionals, who take care of all the necessary procedures;

If you need an organ transplant with coverage for that risk, you are entitled to an indemnity. A life insurance helps in case of need for a transplant of kidneys, cornea, liver, bone marrow or heart.

After analyzing the coverage offered by the insurers, decide which one is best for you. Remember that you can choose as many as you need to ensure your tranquility and your family !