IPhone Tracker Features

Features of  IPhone Tracker Software – Mobile Spy!

Cell Phone Tracker offers many powerful features for monitoring the cell phone activity. It fits a wide array of needs. Regardless if you are trying to spy on your cheating spouse/girl friend/boy friend, or a responsible parent trying to monitor the cell phone usage of your kids, iPhone orten has all the best tracker features for you. We’re confident that you will find Cell Phone Tracker – Mobile Spy the best cell phone tracking/monitoring/spying software available in the market.

Cell Phone Tracker Software – Mobile Spy offers the following tracking features:

Live Call Interception – This track feature offers you the ability to listen to a LIVE call. No more wondering what was said, using this tracking cell phone feature, you will always be able to secretly listen in on live calls that are being made or received on the cell phone.

View Photos & Videos – This feature lets you secretly view photos and videos snapped on a cell phone. You can download copies of the photos and videos, and view them whenever you want. This feature is only found on Mobile Spy.

Remote Monitoring – This cell phone tracker feature turns a phone into a remote listening device when the phone is not in use. To use this tracking feature, the person who wants to tracking the cell phone sends a special text message command to the cell phone. The person now calls the cell phone and then the phone’s microphone is secretly activated , giving that person the ability to secretly listen in on the cell phone’s surroundings.

Cell Phone GPS Tracking – With this tracking feature, users can secretly track a cell phone via GPS. When using this feature, GPS coordinates are recorded in certain intervals which enable anyone to know exactly where the cell phone user is.

Recover & Read Sms Messages – Cell phone tracker software secretly records all incoming & outgoing text messages. Copies of each message are sent to your online account, this means even if they are deleted from the phone immediately after being read, a copy will still exist.

View Emails – All outgoing email messages will be secretly recorded. This will give any wannabe spy instant access to all emails sent from the cell phone.

Call History Logs – This feature works by secretly recording all call logs that occur on the cell phone. The person who installed the cell phone tracker can now log into their online account and view all the call logs. In addition to call information, the name associated to the cell phone number in the phone’s address book is also displayed.

Here’s a video that will show you exactly how Cell Phone Tracker Software (Mobile Spy) works, features, and what it can do for you. Definitely watch this if you’re new to the tracking cell phone industry.