What are the most common types of workplace violence?

There are four main types of workplace violence.

  • The first is violence involving criminal intent. This type of violence involves the intent of the offender to commit a crime, such as robbery or any other situation where someone outside the place of business attacks, assaults, or takes an employee’s life for criminal purposes.
  • The second most common form of workplace violence comes from clients. For example, this type of violence may be manifested in the form of an aggressive attack by a client of a liquor store against the waiter.
  • The third most common form of workplace violence occurs among employees who, for some reason, argue and end up in a violent fight.
  • Finally, the fourth most common form of workplace violence involves personal relationships, where employees have some sort of relationship outside the workplace, but where violent acts occur at work.

What can employers do to prevent workplace violence in Phoenix?

No one should be subjected to violent acts in the workplace. Employees expect their workplaces to be safe, and these should be as safe as possible. Employers have the legal and moral responsibility to all their employees to ensure their safety and to take the necessary measures to prevent any possible harm.

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This means that employers should make efforts to promote a non-violent workplace. This may include instituting a zero tolerance policy towards any violent behavior and any threat in addition ensuring that all employees are educated about company policies and the type of behavior expected of them. Phoenix personal injury law firm can help you legally.

Employers can also help employees by providing training on how to respond to clients who cross the line from being disgusted to being dangerous. Employers can ensure that their employees are taught self-defense tactics or are guarded by security guards in high-risk areas. It is also advisable that in cases where acts of violence or criminal activity are likely to occur, surveillance cameras are installed, ensure the area is well lit and have an alarm system installed.